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Conserve, Protect, Improve



Goose Pond Lake Association was established in October, 1987 as a New Hampshire non-profit corporation, with the stated purpose being to conserveprotect, and to improve Goose Pond: water quality, natural shoreline, plant and animal life, scenic beauty, tranquility, and all other natural resources as they pertain to the welfare and interest of Goose Pond. In 1989 a water testing program was started with the University of New Hampshire.        


In 2006 the GPLA became a tax-exempt charitable organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  The GPLA collaborates with conservation commissions, planning boards, state and federal entities, land trusts and other organizations who work to conserve and protect natural resources that impact on Goose Pond.       


The GPLA currently has an eight member Board of Directors.  Regular meetings are held with the welfare of Goose Pond as the primary agenda.  On the third Sunday in July the Association has an annual membership meeting to elect Board Members, discuss objectives and accomplishments, report the financial status of the GPLA, and present guest speakers, with the purpose of educating members.  The Association currently has approximately 180 members.  If interested in joining the GPLA (nominal dues), or donating your time or money, join us at the Annual Meeting or contact Treasurer Rick Hutchins (see Contact page).       


In the last few years the GPLA has done many things to both conserve, protect, and improve Goose Pond.  Some examples include:                      


* Publishes periodic emailed newsletters and a Welcome Package for new residents


* Maintains an active email list for quickly disseminating information about Goose Pond


* Worked with the Dam Bureau and NHDES to stabilize water levels to reduce soil erosion 


* Initiated a watershed analysis by UNH to collect data concerning potential development impact


* Established a “no wake” zone at the boat launch area  

* Repaired erosion areas at “The Acre” with NHDES and the Canaan Conservation Commission


* Works to reduce the use of road salt on Goose Pond Road             


* Participates in a mercury fish testing program with the NHDES             


* Manages and financially supports a Lake Host Program at the boat launch with the NHLA             


* Maintains an active invasive Weed Watchers Program in coordination with the NHDES             


* Works with the Loon Preservation Committee and monitors loon activity on the pond             


* Established a portable toilet facility at the boat launch site and swimming area             


* Maintains an active website serving the members of the GPLA


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