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The following are suggested actions we can all take to improve the quality of life at Goose Pond. 

     I.   Respect the serenity of the pond         

               Keep noise levels to a minimum when possible, especially after dark       

               Avoid using car horns, air horns etc. as much as possible        

               No overnight camping is allowed at The Acre, the dam area, or on the “Big” or “Little” Islands.        

    II.  Keep outdoor light levels to a minimum       

               Turn off all unnecessary outdoor lights       

               Use solar or motion detection lights when possible       

               Avoid using floodlights, if possible, that shine towards the pond 

   III. Respect wildlife on or near the pond       

               Do not disturb animal nests, eggs etc.       

               Stay a safe distance from wildlife      

  IV. Follow safe boating rules (For additional boating info, see the NH Boaters Guide link on “External Links”)

               Know where to cause “no wake” when boating       

               Use proper lights on your boat(s) before sunrise and after dusk       

               Use a “spotter” when towing waterskiers/wakeboarders etc. Keep a sharp lookout for swimmers, kayakers etc.       

               Maintain safe speeds and distances from other boats       

               Know the difference between the stand-on and give-way vessel         

               Know the rules regarding the spar buoys          

  V.  Follow fire laws       

               No fires are allowed on the “Big” or “Little” Islands, The Acre or the Dam       

               Fires are allowed on private property with a free permit from a fire warden       

               Keep water handy near open fire, douse thoroughly when done

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