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The following are suggested actions we can all take to protect the water quality and wildlife of Goose Pond. 

Many of these are to prevent excessive phosphates from leaching into the pond.

     I.  Maintain your septic system       

               Pump septic systems on a regular basis       

              Compost your kitchen garbage rather than use a garbage disposal

    II. Manage erosion and water run-off       

              Use only organic fertilizers, and then only sparingly       

              Consider permeable driveway surfaces       

              Use silt fence where applicable to slow run-off       

              Keep culverts clear of debris       

              Consider a rain barrel to collect water from gutters       

              Pitch all run-off channels away from the lake

   III. Use safe household products       

              Use only “septic safe” toilet tissue       

              Use “no phosphates” laundry soap, detergents and cleaning agents       

              Prevent oil and gas from entering the lake       

              Avoid use of driveway salt or ice melters        ​

              Keep kitchen waste, paints, bleach etc. out of your septic system        ​

              Don’t use soap or shampoo in the lake       

   IV. Use vegetative barriers around your cottage       

              Plant deep-rooted native trees, shrubs, grasses and ground covers       

              Maintain plantings to stabilize soil, especially ground covers        ​

              Design your landscape to divert and slow water run-off

    V. Prevent the spreading of invasive plants         

               Watch for non-native plants in the pond             

               Report any noticeable increase in aquatic algae or plant growth 

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