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  1. No person shall tie up or leave any boat in the area around any launching ramps, floats or         docks, except when loading or unloading cargo and/or passengers, or where otherwise         allowed by posted official notice.

  2. Camping or other overnight stays at the launching facility are not allowed.

  3. Wheeled vehicles, including trailers, shall be parked only in designated places.

  4. Fires are not permitted at the boat launch area.

  5. The use of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances is prohibited. Disorderly conduct,         including, but not limited to, indecent acts, intoxication or coarse language is prohibited.

  6. Removing, injuring or damaging any parts of the facility including plants, land, structures, or       natural conditions at the launching facility is prohibited.

  7. Discharging wastes of any kind, including but not limited to soaps, detergents, and refuse is       prohibited. Washing vehicles, boats and laundry is prohibited.

  8. Storage of boats, trailers, vehicles, equipment, ice shacks, and other property at the                   launching facility is prohibited.

  9. Swimming from docks, floats, boat launching ramps and areas posted "no swimming" is             prohibited.

  10. Other uses of the launching facility and parking areas, including, but not limited to,                     commercial use, non-boating related use, and fishing tournament use of the facilities,           are allowed only by special activity permit from the Bureau Director.

  11. The use of boat launching facilities and parking areas between sunset and sunrise for                purposes other than fishing or the launching and retrieving of boats is prohibited.

  12. Pet owners should clean up any fecal deposits left by their pets.

  13. Posting advertisements or other notices not approved by the DES or the GPLA is prohibited.

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