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Water Quality Program: The GPLA is one of the few Lake Associations in the State to participate in both DES and U.N.H. voluntary water quality program.  Sampling is extensive, and averages 10 hours monthly effort.  Samples are taken from deep water spots and most of our tributaries, and tested for turbidity, pH, phosphorous, eColi, transparency, conductivity, chloride, chlorophyll, dissolved oxygen, and alkalinity . We also recently added a cyanobacteria test to our UNH protocol. Shoreline readings of conductivity are taken twice a year in front of each property.  


Recent water quality results for Goose Pond remain good, but with trends that should be watched. Most notably, increased algae presence has diminished transparency. All the data collected is part of the important ongoing research by the DES and U.N.H. of NH water bodies with a goal of hoping to better understand the complex balance of both nature and man's impact on our lake. If interested in participating in this program, please contact Michael Riese, Water Quality Point Person, at: 

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